Buyer’s Resources

Beginning Your Search

You’ve most likely began your search by looking at homes on the internet or driving by homes with signs. This is only the beginning because there is nothing that substitutes being inside an actual home and viewing it and experiencing the intangibles and of course the tangibles.

Pre Qualifying Yourself With a Bank/Mortgage Broker

Before you take the next step, it is highly recommended that you get pre- qualified by a mortgage specialist. This is 100% for your own benefit as the pre- approval lets you know the price of the home you can purchase dependent on your down payment. And remember, just because you’re pre approved for a certain amount does not mean you have to purchase a home at that price! (click here for our recommended mortgage specialists)

Call us

Now you have an idea of your price range, give us a call and we can sit down and discuss your current situation. We will have a checklist of questions to qualify and help you decide on a location and the type of home that best suits you.

Viewing Properties

Now that you’ve decided on a location, the type of home, and price range that best suits you- we will arrange showings of properties that meet your criteria and bring you to see these homes and help you evaluate and compare them. When we bring our clients to see homes there is never any pressure to buy a home and we always discuss the positive and negative aspects of the particular home so you have an objective point of view to rely on.

Making An Offer

Usually it will come down to 2 or 3 properties or you may just walk in and instantly declare that home to be the one for you. Now is the time to submit an offer- we will discuss with you the procedure and give you the information you need to decide on the price, terms such as financing condition and home inspection condition. Remember: The final decision always comes down to you!

Choose A Lawyer

Congratulations! your offer was accepted but you’re not done yet! Now you must submit your deposit within 24 hours, arrange your financing, home inspection, review the status certificate (Condo) if applicable. These items are extremely time sensitive so it is vital you arrange to have these things taken care before the deadline in order to finalize the sale of your home!

Move In

Now that everything is in place. All that there is left to do is sign the documents for the lawyer to complete the deal and move in!