Seller’s Resources

Discover Your Need To Move

It could be the commute taking too long or having that 1st or 2nd child and the home becoming too cluttered or living with the parents is not an option. Everyone has their own reasons for discovering their need to move into a new home.

Build Strategy On The Best Method To Move

The Chung Dynasty Team will provide you with marketing strategies, an outline of services we provide. Here we will listen to your current situation and current needs and provide several options that will be beneficial to you.

Prepare for Showings

Once you’ve decided selling your property is the best option for your current situation, it is time to declutter and stage your home. You can do this yourself or we can provide a home stager if help is required.

Receive An Offer

When a home is priced right regardless of the market situation it will sell. We will always provide the most up to date current market situation. When you receive an offer, we will negotiate on your behalf to get the most desirable outcome (Money, closing, terms, etc…).


Once an offer is completed and financing, inspection, and status certificates (condo) are completed, then it is time to send the agreement and supporting documents to your lawyer. The lawyer will arrange to have your mortgage (if applicable) discharged and disburse the funds at closing.


In step 2, we would have agreed upon a strategy and at this point we will act accordingly. If you’ve purchased a home just wait to sign the closing documents and move into your new home. If you haven’t purchased a home, this is where we begin diligently searching for a new home for you.