Unusual circumstances


No one wants to go through a divorce but it happens and if it does the family home is most often the most valuable asset and the one that causes the most resistance when looking for a resolution.

Our only goal in these situations is to make the situation easy as possible and at the same time getting both parties the most amount of money. Divorces can be very expensive for both parties, so our only goal is to help find a resolution and avoid litigation for our clients.

Estate Sale

Taking care of a loved ones estate is one of the toughest situations people can go through. It can be overwhelming from an emotional standpoint but more importantly the legal aspect can be overwhelming and confusing.

Further complicating matters, many times estates are left to multiple parties and disagreements on how to take care of the estate can create obstacles in finding a resolution. We are experienced in mediating and cooperating with lawyers to find the best resolution for all parties involved.

Power of Sale

Financial hardships can happen to anyone. It could be job loss, loss of a loved one- the situation escalates and many times people avoid dealing with it in hopes it goes away. But it never goes away and in the end one missed payment turns into the bank changing locks.

Every situation is unique and when we meet with clients in financial hardship, we will guide them throughout the situation to avoid having their financial institution involved and save them the hardship of losing their home for nothing or having their credit ruined.