About - Chung Dynasty

The Chung Dynasty Team operate with a combination of knowledge, experience, honesty when working with clients. Ultimately, it comes down to one goal and that is help home buyers and sellers.

By always providing unbiased and honest information and assessments to our clients, our goal is to build lasting relationships and educating our clients by passing on our knowledge. In this way, we know we’ve always done everything we can to help our clients to put their families in the best position to have a comfortable and enjoyable life in their new homes.

Our Team

Peter Chung

Sales Representative

Peter has been working as a realtor since 1990. He came to Canada after growing up in Calcutta, India and then living in Vienna, Austria for over 10 years. Naturally, speaking 7 languages is one of the benefits and has greatly helped with building rapport amongst an array of multicultural client base.

An easy going approach when dealing with clients, but a fierce negotiator to get the best outcome for his clients is the best way to describe Peter and his work ethic.

Ronald Chung

Sales Representative

Ronald has been in the industry for over 10 years. Studying Economics and Business Adminsitration, Ronald was able to get the theory and technical ideas to understand how the market operates and how people behave when making decisions involving real estate and money.

Going above and beyond for his clients, is one of many traits that defines Ronald’s work ethic but this is the one that stands out. Ronald understands that buying a home will be the most expensive and most important purchase for the majority of people and that will always drive him to make that extra effort to ensure his clients are satisfied.